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PHOTOGRAPHIER?… photemballer une leçon!

Petite leçon de photographie utilisant les clichés de Gilles Caron …pour éduquer son regard et sa conscience…sans clichés!…
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Bloody Sunday

This photo was taken by Pierre Terdjman in Londonderry, in 2009. Today, Ireland is reached by the recession of the economic crisis. But at the time of Bloody Sunday, the background was quite different, Ulster was shaken by a huge political crisis… a bloody war between catholics and protestants, Irish and English. This recent photo was taken during The Bloody Sunday Commemorative March in the Bogside in Londonderry. In this shot, Terdjman uses the « rule of thirds » but this square construction is (un)balanced by the askew view…it’s quite interesting.
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Shoot me! … I’m Irish!

Each year, on January 30th, some Irish people walk in the streets in order to commemorate the Bloody Sunday, this day 26 civilians were killed by parachutists of the British army, whereas they didn’t have weapons. 13 of them, among whom 7 teenagers died immediately. Bloody Sunday, also called the Bogside massacre -because of the place where the massacre took place-, happened on January 30th 1972

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